Engraving is a wonderful way to create a special keepsake for someone to treasure for years, and can be done on several different surface types like glass, metal, acrylic, stone, and more. Personalizations can be created with calligraphy, old English style, block lettering, and even illustrations. Great for distinctive personal gifts and product marketing.

Brand Activation

Create a lasting impression on customers for your brand or product by offering custom, on-site calligraphy engraving. Shoppers can watch their items getting engraved, making the experience so much more special and memorable. Live events with an engraver are perfect for items like perfume bottles, lipstick tubes, candles, and more.

Custom Calligraphy Engraving Gifts

Present your loved ones or colleagues with an engraved personalization to commemorate a wedding, a promotion, an anniversary, or any other significant occasion. The permanence of an engraved gift makes it something that can be cherished for life.

wine bottle engraving

The Engraving Process

If you are ready to work together to create some beautiful engraved items, here are some important things you may ask:

What is your pricing?
You can find my current pricing list by clicking HERE.

Can I ship my wine bottle/tequila bottle/etc. to you to be engraved?
Nope, sorry! This service of engraving alcohol bottles of any kind (unless empty) would be local to southeast NH, southern ME, and north shore MA only.

How do I get my perfume/water bottle/lipstick tube/etc. to you?
The simplest way is always to order the item online and have it shipped directly to me. Shipping back to you is included in pricing

Can you only engrave words?
Nope! Depending on the surface and particular project, I can engrave lots of things including floral designs, flourishes, various shapes, certain logos, and even your own handwriting.

What types of items could you engrave for me?
Celebratory wine bottles, moon phases on crystals, acrylic wedding place cards, glass or acrylic ornaments, personalized powder coated steel water bottles, custom wedding day perfume or cologne bottles, monogrammed champagne flutes. The options are endless!

Ready to work together?

custom engraved water bottle
custom coffee mug engraving

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